Faux Panel – Is It the Real Deal?

Faux Stone PanelsStone while on the walls as a decorative design is something that every homeowner would love to see. Stones are not only aesthetically perfect but they also serve to bring an environment of coziness in the room. When used on the home’s exterior, the stones will not only being colorfulness but also an impression of strength and style, much for the admiration from visitors and guests.

Stone is surely the perfect décor but the factor that holds back most of the homeowners from going for it is the price which is too high in all the aspects. The good news, however, is also there as you can bring the same look and that too in the price that is amazingly affordable. The option to consider in this concern is the faux stone.

Being aesthetically perfect along with the resemblance with real stones, faux stone panels have acquired the trust of most of the designers and homeowners. When we talk about resemblance, it is powered with the uneven surface of stone sharp edges in order to make the identical texture as that of stone. To bring color patterns, iron pigments are included in the polyurethane which is used to make these faux stone panels. Finally when installed, these high quality faux stone panels give the outlook to make the visitors thinking about wall siding consisting of real stone.

Faux stone panels are easy to install, thanks to the flexibility and less weight. Moreover, working with the faux stone eliminates the hurdle of reshaping every brick, as in the case with real stone, and attaching them one by one. With this ease in handling, you might not need labor for installation of these panels if you have basic carpentry skills. You will surely be able to decorate your entire house within hours rather than days.

One may wonder about the durability of faux stone panels since these panels aren’t as expensive as the real stones. The answer to this query is the good news that faux stone panels amazingly withstand most of the hostile factors which the real stone can resist.  The flexibility, which is the natural characteristic of polyurethane, along with the close cell structure does all the wonders in this scenario.

Application of faux STONE Panels seems to be the best alternate to stone at the first instance and when one looks down at the price, this alternate most likely becomes the preference. Although, the real stone is the ultimate designing solution but given the price advantage and features that faux stone panels can offer, it would not be regrettable at all to choose these panels for home decoration.