Home Renovation Ideas

Faux StoneUse of faux stone panels is perhaps the future of home renovation because it comes with same design, looks and durability as that of real stone, and more importantly, in the fraction of cost. Cost effectiveness along with ease of use is the major factor which allows homeowners to apply these panels for the decoration of entire home. Good thing is that you can purchase virtually every design of these panels from one place. After that, all you need is to go creative and bring the lavishness you were looking for at your home without disturbing the budget. Having that said, here are a few ideas for home renovation that you might like.

Kitchen Backsplash

The walls behind cooker or wash basins receive plenty of splashes and people usually like to cover that wall area with stone backsplash. The availability of faux stone panels has made things easier in this concern. You can use these panels as backsplash to cover the wall in that kitchen area. The benefit of faux stone panel is that it is very easy to clean and you will not have to use any kind of chemical for that purpose.


The fireplace decorated with stone is lovely to watch, especially when the whole area between ground and ceiling at that fireplace is covered with stone. The low cost and authentic looks of faux brick panels are the features that have enabled people to decorate fireplace as desired. The standard size of fireplace can easily be decorated in a matter of a couple of hours, and there you are. The fireplace is ready to give the great outlook.

Accent wall

The accent wall of a room is supposedly the different and more stylish as compared to entire room. Many people desire to apply stones on the accent walls but they are held back by the price factor. With faux stone panels, decoration of accent wall is cost effective and easy. The availability of virtually any design in faux stone panels has provided the homeowners with more options to go innovative.

Home Exterior

The home exterior includes lawn, patio and outside walls of the house. Decorating these areas with faux stone panels is amazingly cost effective as compared to the decoration that involves real stone. The benefit is that most astute analysis will not be able to tell that installed stones are not real.

These are the few ideas that might help you renovating your home with FAUX stone panels. Of course you can design your home in your own way and that would depend on your innovative abilities.